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Stealth Line Card


Directory of Corporate Capabilities

Stealth Corporate Capabilities Download Stealth's New Line Card incorporating a whole list of new product lines such as Adams Valves, Insultech Blankets, YNC Couplings and Hydrogate Sluice/Slide Gates.   Directory Of Capabilities Stealth's new Directory of Corporate Capabilities is a broad overview of Stealth products for the municipal market and industrial. Included is an application selection guide to help in selecting the proper valves for specified applications.  

Stealth 78" IBC Hydrovision


IBC Energy Dissipating Valves

Guage Stealth International Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Energy Dissipating Valves, ED's diffuser systems and associated piping. View the IBC 78" Valve brochure now.   IBC Valve from Stealth Valve Download Stealth's New IBC Sonic Flow Valve Brochure. This High Energy Dissipating Valve is a narrow face to face pressure reducing valve designed for energy dissipating applications where space is a consideration.  

Stealth Damper Valve Brochure


PMP Ball Valve Brochure

Damper Valves Stealth's new Damper Valve Brochure contains information on our custom made damper valve product line. It shows our variety of materials, body & seat styles and available configuration. Stealth custom manufactures dampers for all industries including the industrial, commercial, power, and municipal markets.   Ball Valves from Stealth Valve Download Stealth's New PMP Ball Valve Brochure, showing the full line of stainless steel ball valves and accessories. PMP has both automated and manual valves.  

Stealth Deflector Valve Brochure


PMP Metal Seated Butterfly Valves

Deflector Vaves Stealth's new Deflector-Check Valve Brochure contains information on this unique style valve for the municipal industry. Our patented packing system with external roller bearings offers years of maintenance free operation with low head loss and high capacities. Material selections are for potable water applications. Suggested specifications are included.   PMP Valves Stealth now offers PMP Metal Seated High Performance Butterfly Valves. Download our brochure to see the great features. Avaialble in double or triple offset for low torque and reduced wear. Leakage rate above ANSI class V. Designed for severe applications in the petrochemical, power and water supply industries.

Trumbull Industries Product Catalogue

Trumbull Manufacturing Download the latest product catalogue from Trumbull Industries.   Guage Stealth's new Pressure & Vaccuum Gauges Brochure outlines our new product line of precision made pressure gauges. Stainless steel or brass bourdon tube, available with bottom or back mount. Liquid filled dial with dual scale markings.





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