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Stealth Valve Featured Products

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Directory of Corporate Capabilities

Stealth's Directory of Corporate Capabilities is a broad overview of Stealth products for the municipal market and industrial. Included is an application selection guide to help in selecting the proper valves for specified applications.



Check out our featured brochures. The Stealth Valve Line Card, Directory of Corporate Capabilities, Stealth IBC Sonic Flow Valve and much more.


Suggested Specifications

Stealth's Standard Suggested Specifications - contains industry standard suggested specifications for a wide range of products
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Stealth International Featured Projects

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Stealth International

View the latest IBC Valve success stories featuring the IBC Valve from Stealth Valve. Visit View the Stealth IBC Energy Dissipating Valve Suggested Specifications.


Download the IBC Engineering Reports: Flow Testing of 12" IBC Valve (File Size ~ 0.5 MB), IBC Valve Sizing Equation (File Size < 0.5 MB), IBC Design Report 12" Testing (File Size < 0.5 MB).


View the Stealth IBC User List.



View the IBC Patent information here.

Additional Patents: Canadian Patent 1, Canadian Patent 2, US Patent.


What's new at Stealth Valve

Now available, Deadman's Handle valve with fusible link. HDL Ball Check Valves and more.

Stealth International's IBC Valve brochures are now avaialable to download. Click to download the Stealth 78" IBC Data Sheet or the Stealth 78" IBC Hydrovision brochure.

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