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Actuation Mounting

Suggested Specification Actuators Brackets & Adapters - Pratt 18” & 24” AWWA Class 150B




All brackets shall be designed to suit the existing bolt circle diameter while maintaining the specified pre-load to the packing. All brackets shall be designed for field assembly to existing valves while under pressure or flowing conditions. Brackets and adaptors shall be carbon steel powder coated with Byers Bush grade 101BK 3ML.thick (no exception). All adaptors shall be designed to withstand the maximum output torque of the actuator with zero torsional deflection to the bracket or adaptor. All brackets shall be manufactured in a steady rest with milled mating surfaces to eliminate premature wear to the packing, seals and bearings. All mounting holes shall incorporate anti- rotational devices, 2 per unit Stealth part # 35987-01 to prevent rotational deflection as part of the assembly. All double plate brackets as required shall be designed for clog and corrosion free operation to prevent actuator pressurization from packing failure for the life of the valve. All mounting hardware shall be Stainless Steel. All brackets and adaptors shall carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacture. Deflection calculations shall be supplied with the bid


Shaft Adapters:


All shaft adaptors shall be carbon steel powder coated with Byers Bush grade 101BK 3 ML. thick (no exception) and designed for zero deflection at the maximum output torque of the Actuator. Both the Male and Female ends shall fully engage the existing valve shaft and actuator bore for maximum engagement and zero hysterisis. The adaptor shall be single piece designed to eliminate pre-load to the disc and shaft assembly at both the valve shaft and actuator bore. Welded or press fit components are not acceptable. All adaptors shall be designed to prevent preload on the valve shaft in the design. All bores shall be double keyed. All adaptors and keys shall be designed and manufactured as one piece. Deflection calculations shall be supplied with the bid




All actuators shall be designed to direct mount to the brackets and single piece adaptors. All actuators shall be sized for the maximum valve torque based on 60 P.S.I.G. maximum supply pressure to the actuator. Valve torque calculations shall be based on maximum seating, un-seating plus dynamic torques of the valve under maximum pressure and velocity conditions. A 40 percent safety factor shall be applied to all valve torques for actuator sizing. All submissions shall incorporate the torque date calculations for each size. All actuators shall incorporate mini filters at the actuator. All actuators shall incorporate two keyways to incorporate installation orientations as required without field modifications. All actuators shall be designed for thermal fluctuations from - 50 Degrees F. to 150 Degrees F. without adverse effects to the actuator or performance of the operation. One spare set of seal kits shall be free issued for each size with the actuator. The successful bidder shall warranty the assembly and performance of the actuator for a period of three full years from the commissioning date. An actuator user list will be supplied based on the design criteria shall be submitted with the tender. All actuators shall incorporate external adjustable travel stops for the closed position. Valve torque calculations shall be supplied with the bid for all sizes. All actuators shall be pre-drilled in the appropriate location to facilitate field mounting of the existing limit switches. No field modifications will be required. Any requirements will be at the supplier's expense. A detailed assembly drawing shall be supplied in AutoCAD with the submission.


Actuator Design Criteria:


All actuators shall be sized for 60 PSIG supply and capable of operating at 150 PSIG. Actuators containing brass or bronze components are unacceptable. All actuators shall be of the scotch yoke double piston design with tie rod construction and cast aluminum drive case for maintenance free operation. All actuator cylinders shall be of spiral filament capable of operating with air or water hydraulics. All dynamic seals shall be Nitrile. All actuators shall be lubricated for life and require no further lubrication. All actuators shall be capable of -50 Degrees F. To 150 Degrees F. All top and bottom mounting holes shall incorporate the same mounting pattern. All actuators shall be coated with all colour 03-2010 minimum thickness 3-4 Mil.

Any exceptions to this specification must be indicated in the submission and drawing.


All custom brackets and adaptors shall be manufactured by Stealth International Inc. or reviewed equivalent. All actuators shall be SVIP 60D-60 or reviewed equivalent.

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