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Sewage Treatment Upgrade Suggested Specification Ball Valves

Body: Cast Iron – ASTM A126 Class B
Ball: ASTM A351 304 Stainless Steel
Seat: PTFE (Virgin)
Stem: ANSI 304 Stainless Steel
Stem packing: PTFE (Virgin) Adjustable
Body Gasket: PTFE (Virgin)


All valves shall conform to ANSI B16.10 face to face dimensions and MSS-SP-72


All valves shall be full port and provide bi-directional positive shut off.


Valves shall incorporate blow out proof stems and intragal travel stop for open & close positions.


Standard coatings shall be fused epoxy coating.


All valves shall be suitable for 150 PSIG delta P at 250'F.


Valves shall be BV-125 ISSV or reviewed equivalent.


Electric Actuators:


Motor – A single phase permanent split-capacitor reversible motor with voltages of 120/1/60Hz shall be standard. The motor shall contain a built-in thermal overload protector of a bi-metallic

Strip in windings set at 338'F(170'C) with automatic reset.


Spur Gear System – The spur gear train shall have precision cut multi-staged gears which will withstand locked rotor conditions. The gear train shall drive a chrome-moly steel worm which drives the composite aluminium bronze segment gear/stainless steel output shaft.


Wiring – Actuator switches shall be pre-wired to a terminal block for ease of access and all internal wiring shall range from 10-22 AWG.


Switches – All travel switches shall be Single Pole, Double Throw, Double Break Form Z type 10A at 125/250 VAC, 4A at 28 VDC resistive load, UL and CSA approved. Travel limit switches shall limit actuator in both the open and closed position of valve travel.


Manual Override – The override assembly shall ensure positive manual operation without the use of extra tools or levers and capable of single hand operation.


Emergency Shut-Off – An automatic power cut out switch shall be provided to cut power to the motor when actuator handwheel is engaged for manual operation. This switch shall function as a safety emergency shutdown device.


Enclosure – The die-cast aluminium enclosure shall be waterproof (Nema 4. 4X, IP 65) rated shall have captive cover bolts.


Valve Status Display – The actuator shall have a highly visible clear polycarbonate display prominently labelled and colour coded to indicate valve position throughout the full range of travel.


Temperature Rating – Actuators shall be designed for temperature ranges of –40'F (-40'C) to + 150'F(65'C).


Heater – With thermostat control to prevent condensation build up. The heater is pre-wired to the terminal block. Rated output is 15W at 110 or 240 VAC.

All Actuators shall be modular for infield option retro-fit. All actuators shall be Stealth Valve Series 70 or reviewed equivalent.

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