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Automatic Strainer Specifications



All bodies and covers shall be fabricated carbon steel designed, manufactured, and tested to ASME section VIII standards using qualified ASME section IX welders.




Housings and covers shall be rated for a design pressure of 150 psig. The inlet and outlet connections shall be manufactured on the same horizontal axis and conform to ANSI B16.5 flange standards. A single backwash connection and large backwash connections located in the vessel bottom with PMP full port isolation valves. Four adjustable and removable support legs will be supplied for concrete or floor mounting.


The strainer elements shall be 304 stainless steel reverse rolled slotted wedge wire screen designed with ________ inch openings. Designs with pockets, tubes, collector bars or components that could permanently trap debris are unacceptable.


All internal parts shall be 304 stainless steel with hollow port drive assemblies and incorporate bearings and seals.

Size 1” through 20” shall incorporate (1) backwash hollow port and 24” and larger shall have (2) backwash hollow ports. The port assembly shall be factory tested and field adjustable with a 2-RPM running speed with the drive arm and hollow port assembly not in contact with the screen surface.

The drive shaft shall be supported at the top with permanently sealed enclosed stainless steel roller bearings in a double reduction gear reducer and water lubricated guide bearings at the bottom.

Drive motors shall be 120/1/60 ______HP, Nema 4, TEFC motor.



All strainers shall be coated internally and externally with a NSF approved epoxy paint min. 3 mil thickness.

All strainers shall be Series S723 / S793 self cleaning motorized type designed and manufactured by Fluid Engineering as supplied by Stealth Valve & Controls Ltd. (905)-405-1149 Fax (905)-405-0732 contact Al Gilpi.

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