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Rod Extenions

Rod Extension and Pedestal Specification


(All rotary valves)


The pedestal or wall bracket shall support all rod extensions. All rod extensions shall be designed for removal from the valve shaft without removal of the actuator. Torsional deflection calculations shall be submitted with all bids.


Rod Extension Pedestals:


All pedestals shall be designed to withstand the maximum output torque of the handwheel with a maximum torsional deflection of .5 degrees. All pedestals shall be indicating with vertical or horizontal indicators. Pedestals shall be carbon steel nylon coated in accordance with NSF 61 inside and out or 316 stainless steel. Pedestal bases shall be square and designed for a minimum of 4 mounting bolts. Mounting plate bolts shall be designed for one bolt to accommodate the total shear force based on the total torsional deflection at maximum output torque of the actuator. All handwheels shall be nylon II coated and 300 M.M. in diameter.


Rod Extensions:


All rod extensions shall be 316/304 stainless steel and coupled using square internal drives. The connecting pins for any two sections shall not be in shear. The connection at the input shaft of the actuator shall be designed with a square drive and rod coupling to accommodate the input shaft of the actuator and full diameter. The input shaft-connecting pin shall be a solid taper pin retained with a lock washer and nut. The weight of the rod extension shall be supported by the pedestal or wall bracket using delrin or acetal in conformance to NSF 61.

All wall brackets shall be designed for 600 M.M of horizontal adjustment and 150 M.M. of vertical adjustment on the wall. All brackets shall be designed to carry the full load of the rod extension over the entire length. The wall bracket shall incorporate a positive drive support bearing to prevent rotational ovaling of the rotation and premature failure of the input shaft seal.

All rod extension and pedestal assemblies shall be manufactured by Stealth International Inc.

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