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RP Backflow Preventer Specification

Backflow Preventers shall be SERIES 40-200 reduced pressure principal.

The Backflow Preventer shall comply with the following specification and technical data:


All Backflow Preventers shall incorporate resilient seated gate valves (OS&Y) at each end of the main line body. The unit shall incorporate a reduced pressure device. The unit shall consist of two mechanically independent spring loaded, poppet type check valves and a hydraulically dependent differential pressure relief valve.


Components shall be capable of continuous operation and working pressures of 175 P.S.I.G. working pressure. All valves shall conform to ASSE 1013, AWWA, IAPMO, CSA B64.4, FM, UL. Classified and USC's FCCC & HR. All fasteners shall be Stainless Steel.




All bodies shall be Ductile Iron epoxy coated externally. Complete body length shall be 88.25" on 10 valves excluding the Strainer.


Check Valves:


All check valves shall incorporate an internal sensing passage removable bronze seats and replaceable discs. The RP device will be designated to operate and maintain a pressure of 2 PSIG lower than the supply pressure between the two checks (Zone) under fouled conditions of the second check. All springs shall be Stainless Steel.


Gate Valves:


All isolation gate valves as part of the assembly shall be compatible with the check valves.


Test Cocks:


All test cocks shall be Apollo ball valves with lever handles and tamper proof caps.


All flow data and head loss data shall be submitted as determined by USC's FCCC & HR and ASSA design performance standards.

The contractor shall submit discharge rates of the RP with a drawing indicating the drain size for the RP as approved and sized by the manufacturer.

Fixed and temporary strainers shall be SF-SV-YF-125-MWI25 (PERF) style and be identified on the submittal as supplied by Stealth valve & Controls Ltd.

All Backflow Preventers shall be Conbraco Series (40x-21x-03) 6"-8"-10” Reduced Pressure Principals as supplied by Stealth Valve & Controls Ltd. Ph: (905)-845-4500) Fax: (905)-845-4505

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