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Sample Municipal Agenda

Stealth Sample Municipal Seminar Agenda AWWA Butterfly Valves

  • Advantages & disadvantages of seat designs.
  • Interpretation of AWWA-C-504 guidelines.
  • Seat adjustment and performance (size, application, type, requirements, the WCB and tuberculation effects)
  • Industry standards and objective comparisons of current designs based on recent A&M's.
  • Valve coatings and NSF 61 requirements.
  • Long term savings and head loss effects.
  • Suggested industry standard specifications.
  • Pressure ratings and proportional cost advantages.
  • Actuator sizing methods – preventing undersizing on manual / electric on-off and modulating.
  • Valve installation and valve torque effects.
  • Actuator sizing (unidirectional and bi-directional) cost disadvantages and projected failures.

Actuator Specifications for plant and chambered service.
  • Methods to prevent valve or actuator failure.
  • The hollow disc design (why this should be avoided).
  • Actuators containing dextrin II in open membrane municipal applications.(danger)
  • Torque tube / shaft extension design standards, suggested specifications and preventing failures blamed on the valve.
  • Suggested specifications for submerged service.
Ross Control Valves
  • Design - options and performance expectations.
  • Applications- The Ross Water Tamer (used by GVRD)
  • Head loss effects
  • Effects of chloromines and elastomer degradation – all valves.
  • Optional seat design selection for optimum performance.
  • Preventing catastrophic failure on pump control and pressure sustaining applications.
  • Diaphragm Vs Piston objective comparisons and suggested specifications.






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