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Stealth STJ Damper Valves Suggested Specifications

Body: All bodies shall be of fabricated steel flanged construction ANSI B16.5 machine faced to 125 RMS. All flanged bodies shall be sufficiently ribbed to prevent body deflection. Body journals shall be designed to incorporate sufficient clearance and shall not incorporate internal shaft bearings when noted. Upper and lower body journals shall be drilled, tapped and plugged to accommodate purge lines as required. All welded components shall be stress relieved.


Disc: Discs shall be fabricated thru-shaft removable construction and ribbed for maximum flow and minimal deflection. All discs shall be connected by means of tangential taper pins securely fastened with retaining nuts and tack welded. All discs shall incorporate a machined body seat ring for minimum class IV leakage.


Seat: All metal seats shall be located on the disc. The seat will be stepped to maximize the sealing surface and incorporate the specified material. The seat material will be designed to withstand continuous service conditions and not require field adjustment or replacement. Fiber tape replaceable seats will be incorporated as required.


Shaft: All shafts shall be one piece design, 316 stainless steel and machined to accommodate actuators for direct mount. Shaft diameters shall be to AWWA C-504 CL-75B. All stub shaft high capacity designs shall incorporate square drives and disc hubs. All shafts shall incorporate shaft-retaining collars or dual thrust bearings.


Packing: Valves shall incorporate replaceable adjustable packing without removal or dis-assembly of the valve from the piping. Packing shall consist of 3 rings minimum of .25” grafoil in each body journal. Dual packing as required with external bearings. Packing journals shall incorporate disc & shaft crush ring and maintain a minimum Journal clearance of .250” on the radius.


External Roller Bearings: All valve bodies shall incorporate upper and lower roller bearings to support the shaft and disc assembly. External bearings shall be permanently lubricated and field replaceable without the removal of the valve from the piping. Bearings shall be suitable for indoor/outdoor applications (+1200'F) ( – 40'F) valve service.

All actuators shall direct mount to the shaft and valve mounting plate. All valves shall be capable of mounting in any orientation in the pipe including the inverted position. Actuators shall be capable of mounting fail open or fail close in the field without changing actuator orientation as supplied by Stealth Valve & Controls Ltd.





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