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Series 30/31 Aeration Valves for Blower Inlet and Outlet

Body: shall be: ASTM A126 Class B cast iron polyester powder coated, available with wafer or lug style bodies, suitable for mounting between ANSI 125/150 weld neck or slip-on flanges. Shutoff capabilities 2 – 12 inch 175 psi irrespective of flange style.


Seat: shall be Peroxide cured E.P.D.M. (ethylene propylene diene monomer) with extended temperature range from –40ºF to + 250ºF at full valve working pressure. Peroxide curing will prevent post heat curing, which is the cause of premature failure in sulphur-cured elastomers.


Post heat curing creates seat hardening, brittleness and high torque's. Stealth Valve Controls Canada guarantees a minimum of 3 times the life expectancy of conventional butterfly valves on aeration systems.


Disc: shall be spherically machined and hand polished to provide bubble-tight shut off and provide minimum torque on opening and closing in dry, hot service from full vacuum to the maximum valve pressure rating. Discs may be under cut to reduce torque on automated control valves which in turn will extend the valve life. Disc's will be nylon coated to further reduce valve torque and prevent premature valve seat wear.


Shaft: shall be 416 stainless steel with double “D” shaft end connection. This design eliminates the need for disc screws, taper pins or torque plugs which can shake or vibrate loose or shear in service in high torque applications.


* All valves shall be pressure tested to 110% of their pressure rating. Test certificates to be provided on request.


* All valves must have CRN (Canadian Registration Numbers). Stealth Valve Controls Canada registration number for the Province of Ontario is OC 3173.5 ADD1


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