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Section 15100 - General Specification for Stealth Valve Butterfly Valves and Actuators

Stealth Valve Butterfly Valves

  1. Standard of acceptance shall be: Stealth Valve Series 30/31 wafer or lug style butterfly valves. Valves 2” – 4” shall be Series 30 wafer style. Over 4” shall be Series 31 lug style. Use lug body unless otherwise specified.
  2. Pressure – 175 PSI maximum; 2 – 12 inch
    Temperature range – 40 F to 250 F.
  3. Body: Shall be factory powder coated polyester, cast iron ASTM A-126, Class B, suitable for potable water immersion. Valves shall be either wafer or lug design. Drilling shall be as per ANSI B16.1, Class 125 – 150.
    All valves shall have CRN numbers for each province in Canada.
  4. Disc: Disc material shall be Nylon Coated Ductile Iron (NDI) suitable for potable water.
  5. Shaft: Hi – strength 304 Stainless Steel.
  6. Seat: Elastomer seats shall be of the tongue and groove style. Seat shall be EPDM and field replaceable without special tools. Elastomer thickness shall be a minimum of ½”.
    All seats must be peroxide cured.
    All manufacturers internal components must be USDA, FDA and NSF 61 approved for potable water applications.
  7. Bearings: All shaft bearings shall be of the self-lubricating, corrosion resistant, sleeve type. Standard of acceptance shall be heavy-duty acetal.
  8. Packing: All valves shall have self – adjusting packing. Packing shall be suitable for the temperature and service conditions.
  9. Tag numbers and description/service on all valves 2” diameter and larger.

    Stealth Valve Actuators

  10. Valves 2” – 6” shall be equipped with a ten-position throttling notch plate and a lever locking handle.
  11. Pneumatic Actuators: Standard of acceptance shall be Stealth Valve Series 90/91, S90 double acting, or complete with Spring Return (S91 power failure close) on valves, solenoid valves with manual override for power failure and open /close speed controls with filter/muffler as standard. Actuators shall have open or close travel stops as standard.
    Provide limit switches for valve position indication (one at each end of valve travel – SPDT) for all pneumatically actuated butterfly valves.
    Use S52 inductive style proximity switches for wet or submerged applications.
  12. Gear Operator: Provide and install on all manually operated valves over 6” diameter a geared, self lubricated, totally enclosed, weatherproof with position indicator, handwheel and adjustable travel stops.
  13. Positioner: Standard of acceptance shall be Stealth Valve Series 64 Pneumatic Positioner. Unit shall be fully adjustable for range and zero adjustment and include local position indicator, adjustable amplification and damping, gauges indicating input and output air supply. Unit shall be complete with an I – P converter to accept 4 – 20 mA input as required for full and complete valve operation. Provide limit switches (SPDT) for valve position indication at each end of travel.
  14. Electric Actuators: Standard of acceptance shall be Stealth Valve Series 70. Motor shall be single-phase split – capacitor reversible with voltages of 120 and 220 VAC 50/60 Hz, single phase. All motors shall be rated for continuous duty for 100 % modulating operation. Temperature range - 40 F to plus 150 F. Manual handwheel override to operate the valve without power, visual position indicator visible from 50 feet, manual adjustable travel stops, SPDT-DB form Z travel switches, infinitely adjustable cams, thermal overload protection, and Nema 4, 4X and IP 65 enclosures shall be available as standard.
Torque limiting switches, heaters, servo amplifier cards with speed control, and local control stations are optional.



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