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Butterfly valves that incorporate cast iron body journals and Stainless Steel shafts will experience a long cycle life. The Machinery's handbook states that these materials provide excellent bearing surfaces at low RPM.


The Ductile Iron Nylon 11 Disc is chemically inert to most chemicals with a low coefficient of friction. The use of this material increases overall cycle life performance, reduces torque and decreases seat wear when compared to traditional resilient seated Butterfly valves. In short The Stealth Valve valve will out perform most resilient seated butterfly valves under similar conditions due to the disc design and coating, materials and seat recipe.


The Stealth Valve seat is designed to provide extended service due to their unique Elastomer recipe. The seat is NSF approved, food grade, and peroxide cured that will not post cure should Sulphur be present in the media. To obtain the food grade level and quality of the Stealth Valve seat, this requires higher levels of rubber that provides necessary memory preventing permanent seat set in the closed position that also contributes to extended seat life and low torque. Stealth Valve's high degree of Elastomer quality control also provides Durometer stability critical in maintaining consistent torque for the life of the valve and estimated seat wear.


Customers also benefit from Stealth Valve's true floating disc in seat design. Direct mount actuators will not live load the lower circumference of the disc hub onto the lower primary seal of the seat. Traditional designs incorporating permanent disc to the shaft connections risk reduced cycle life and premature failure when incorrectly automated.



Based on the information provided and assuming no damage to the valve components the only valve component requiring replacement will be the seat. Based on documented customer testimonials and the Stealth Valve Elastomer information attached, I would estimate seats requiring replacement between 450-500 thousand cycles. Please note Stealth Valve valves have exceeded 2 million cycles on more severe applications.


As the number of cycles increase, the ability to maintain full Delta P decreases. If your Delta P is low, seat replacement will be less frequent.


On control applications seat life is extended due to a decrease in seat displacement. Wear is limited to only the primary seals. This also increases the cycle life of the valve.


Based on Stealth Valve installed applications on more severe applications, Stealth Valve's seats have outperformed the competition 3-5 times.



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